We aim at delivering quality content for any project or service we undertake with precise accuracy and efficiency. To educate and empower through technology is more of our quality than our quantity of services we tend to offer.

At Diskvy, we have a handful of budding and enthusiastic engineers striving for greatness through every action we take. The Engineers are of profound knowledge who can dwell in curiosity until a problem is solved.

Building curiosity amidst
solving problems.

Diskvy is a brand. We mainly focus on Website and Application Development services and IEEE projects.
We also provide services on Infotainment for educating the masses through the intellectual data we collect and delivering it in a simple way as possible.

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Our Vision

The vision of the company is to employ Innovation in the projects we undertake and coming up with ground breaking solutions without compromising the ethics of professionalism.


Our current mission is to apply the feasibility of IEEE projects in real time along with offering services in the line of Web and Application development and Infotainment contents.



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Vivekanandan S - +91 91761 08678